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Camping With Kids

A Family Camping Experience That Your Kids Will Enjoy! These Tips Will Do the Trick.

Last updated on May 30th, 2016 at 12:56 am

Your first attempt at family camping is always a trial and error experience. Everyone has to start
somewhere. Make sure you make it a great learning experience for any future adventures.

For first time campers, it’s not a bad idea to camp near your home just in case you forget important
things. You wouldn’t want to be ten miles into the wilderness and realize you’ve forgotten something.

Campsite setup

When packing, bring a tarp with you. The tarp serves as a protection for the bottom of your tent as it
covers the ground. Some campsites have a big square, flat area especially designed for your tents. If not,
find a nice, flat spot and be sure to remove any sticks, rocks or objects that could damage your tent.

When setting up camp, you should involve the kids. The more involved they are, the more fun they’ll get
from the camping experience. Ensure you have a rain fly that will keep you dry from heavy rains. Fold
portions of the tarp underneath the tent so they don’t collect water in case of a downpour. A wet tent
bottom is the last thing you need.

When setting up your camp kitchen, make sure you consider its distance from the tent ‐ place it as far
away as possible. Smells from food you cook can attract bears. Also, bring multi‐purpose cooking pans
and eating utensils so you don’t have to bring a lot of them. You can find a lot of these items in grocery
stores these days. Now you’re ready for an adventure!

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