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Camping With Kids

These Camping Gears Will Ensure A Successful Family Time in the Outdoors

Last updated on May 30th, 2016 at 01:04 am

Family camping is a great and economical alternative to expensive family vacations. It’s a wonderful way
to spend time together, to celebrate the outdoors and to have a healthy activity.

When you’re going on a family camping trip, there are several pieces of camping gear and equipment
you’re going to need. You’re going to be with your family so you would need a big tent. There are tents
that can accommodate eight to ten people, have two separate rooms, and are spacious and high enough
to allow people to stand up.

Gearing up for camping

Next are sleeping bags. If you’re going car camping, you can go with the synthetic type of sleeping bag ‐
they’re reasonably priced, dry quickly, but are a little heavy and bulky.

With your kids, you should consider buying down sleeping bags – they can be compressed, lightweight,
and nice and cozy. You can also choose a bag that’s designed specifically for kids. Remember that the
pocket of air between your body and the sleeping bag is what keeps you warm and serves as an

Here’s a list of other important gear and equipment:

* Bring camp chairs because you wouldn’t want to sit in the dirt.
* It’s dark in the woods at night so bring lights or lanterns. Headlamps would be a practical choice
because you can have hands‐free capability.
* Bring hydration packs or water bags.
* Lightweight backpacks.

Watch the video to learn more of these essentials.

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