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Camping With Kids

Preparing Camping Food for Your Family is Easy If You Follow These Tips and Tricks

Last updated on May 30th, 2016 at 12:46 am

When you’re out camping, you want cooking to be real simple so you can focus on other fun things. The
secret is to prepare every ingredient for your camping food at home before you leave for camp ‐ mix,
chop, etc.

The other important thing to do before leaving for camp is to try cooking the recipes at home before
you take it out into the field. This way, your family will not find the camping food recipes weird when
you finally serve it in camp.

Camp food

You can place the pre‐cooked ingredients in Ziplock bags and when it’s time to cook, you just need to
warm them up in a pan.

You also need to plan your daily menu to ensure you only bring what you need ‐ breakfast, lunch,
dinner, snacks. Also check what condiments you need for all the different meals. You would also need to
bring a printed copy of the menu so you’ll know exactly what to prepare for each meal.Otherwise, you can just write the ingredients and instructions on the bag using a permanent marker.

For breakfast, you can keep it simple by bringing small cereal boxes, or you can go grand by cooking
blueberry pancakes with sausages. Whatever you decide to cook, your kids should be included in the

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