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Hey, there! Welcome to FunCampingGear.com!
This is your one-stop site for everything you need to know about camping and to ensure your outdoor adventure is fun and unforgettable.

Before heading out for a fun camping trip, a few questions need to be answered.
What are the proper gear and equipment to take along? What clothing do you need to wear during the campout? How do you create simple yet delicious meals? What are the best tents, sleeping bags, camping furniture and other camping gear brands to choose to maximize your camping experience?
We’ll answer these questions and more!
We provide the best tips and ideas about camping and other related activities such as hiking, fishing, trekking, and mountaineering.
These are some of the categories we will cover on our site:


Are you looking for the best sleeping bags, tents, mattresses and other camping equipment?
Our team will meticulously provide detailed information regarding the best camping gear available in the market. We have done extensive research to find out what works and what doesn’t work and what is worth spending money on. Make sure you read our reviews here.

Camping with Kids

family Camping
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Do you want to take your kids camping this weekend?
Our blog posts and articles offer tips, ideas and suggestions on how to have fun camping with your children.
We offer information about what to do with your kids, family games, exploring nature, and the best equipment to use for everyone who is with you, as well.
Camping is more fun when you are with someone, and kids are much more fun to go camping with.
If you have a baby or a toddler, make sure to read our informative article about camping with a baby. You will be more prepared before you go on your trip and avoid many surprises.

Camping Destinations

Camping in National and State Parks is one of the best ways to enjoy your outdoor trip. Our site provides ample information about National Parks like campground restrictions, reservations, popular activities to try and what to do and not to do at each destination.


You won’t survive a camping spree without food. When we say food, we don’t just mean canned goods and dry jerky, but REAL DELICIOUS FOOD!
We provide mouthwatering recipes that are easy to prepare with a few ingredients and will please the whole family. So if you want to go out and enjoy the woods, starving is not an option!

Camping Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

From starting a campfire to finding safe water, our site provides endless tips and hacks to maximize your outdoor adventure!
There are many things you need to know before going on a camping trip. We’ve included the most useful tips and hacks for you, so all you toned to do is find the tips that best suit your situation and use them.
You will be surprised how amazed your family and friends will be with how much you know.


Are you going camping with a tent? Are you RV camping or renting a cabin for camping? No worries! We provide useful information and camping guides to make your camping trip comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you are camping alone, with friends, family and loved ones, preparation is important. A comprehensive camping checklist will be useful, especially for first timers. Remembering to take all essential items with you will truly make your camping trip stress-free.

Why go Camping and What are the Benefits of Camping?

Camping is not just an activity to test your survival skills. It’s a fun way to enjoy life and take a break from your busy schedule. It’s an excellent “date” with nature that allows you to reconnect with your inner self.
Most importantly, camping is a way to get in touch with not only nature but with your family as well. Being busy at work and with other things in life, camping is one way to spend time together and bond with your loved ones without distractions.
Camping is also a cost-effective way to take a relaxing vacation.

Meet Our Contributors:

James Woods Profile

Jamey Woods:
Jamey Woods is from Colorado and is an avid camper. He is an online writer and critic who loves gardening, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Happily married to Linda, Jamey shares the best things he has to offer regarding anything about camping tips, food, equipment and more.
I’m not the most professional camper out there, but I will not miss an opportunity to go camping and connect with nature and my family and friends“, said Jamey.
He has been considered an expert in his craft and his readers are loyal to him, not because he persuades well but because he cares to share his thoughts and experiences with people.

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