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Camping With Kids

Using Fire Logs Require Safety! Learn How to Be Safe Through This.

Last updated on May 30th, 2016 at 12:52 am

Kids are almost always attracted to fire. You don’t have to prevent them from experiencing it but make
sure you set rules on what they can and cannot do around fire.

Campfire Safety

You need to educate kids on how to build a campfire and what they need ‐ tinder, kindling and fuel
wood or fire logs. And before starting a fire, make sure they have a bucket of water and a shovel handy
in case there’s a problem.They also need to make sure that the fire is no more than 3 feet high and 3
feet wide, and that an adult should be the one to light the fire and never leaves the campfire.

The Campfire

Enjoy the campfire. Just ensure you take steps to minimize any environmental impact and maximize the
safety factor. Always check with the campground for any possible fire restrictions or campfire bans.

Follow the Four D’s policy when collecting firewood:
Dead – collect only dead fallen timber
Down – never cut down or break branches from standing trees
Distant – find wood that is distant from your campground
Dinky – gather wood that’s shorter than the length of your forearm and smaller than the diameter of your wrist

Established campgrounds often have existing fire rings so use them to have a long lasting campfire.

Before you pack up for home, it’s critical that you put out the fire properly. Let the fire logs burn down to ash. Pour water on the remains of the fire and keep the water coming until you no longer hear hissing noises.

Learn more of these tips in this video:

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