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Camping With Kids

Camping with Kids Need Not be A Disaster! Here’s How.

Last updated on May 30th, 2016 at 01:43 am

Camping with kids is a very different thing from camping with adults only. Adults can usually improvise
or make adjustments to situations they might not have planned for or thought of, but in the case of
camping with kids, unexpected situations could mean a disaster.

It is important to check your camping essentials before leaving for camp. For this, camping essentials
would mean first aid kits that have provision for minor cuts and bruises, insect bites, etc.

It is also important to teach your kids about safety while in camp, and what they need to do in certain
cases like when they get lost.

camp safety for kids photo

Educate kids regarding poisonous plants like poison ivy, and what to do if they encounter wildlife.

Once you arrive at the campsite, familiarize your kids with the surrounding area. Let them know who
they can go to if they get lost like uniformed park officers.

Give your kids safety whistles to call for help. Ensure they remember that the whistles are for
emergency purposes only, not something they can blow out of a whim.

It’s great to have kids help around the fire because they are curious about it. You just need to define
some boundaries where they can and cannot play. Have them focus on the area that they really need to
avoid like the campfire and kitchen.

Watch and learn more of these safety tips in this video.


Photo by USDAgov

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