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Camping With Kids

5 Tips for Hiking with Kids

Hiking is one of the best family activity while on camping vacation.

It is about connecting kids to nature and promotes love for the outdoors.

Hiking is also the best time to teach kids about environmental  stewardship. However, the idea of hiking to some kids can be a source of whining and complaining. For kids, “hike” is a four-letter word and they would rather hear the word adventure, or visiting old cabins…

There are ways to convince them and turn their unlikable activity into an enjoyable one.

family enjoying a day hike
Here are some tips to ensure a special and successful hiking adventure with your kids.

1.Bring food and drinks

Pack food, trail mixes and drinks for your hike. Have the kids eat snacks and drink water to keep them going.

2.Take lots of breaks

Kids get tired easily. Taking lots of breaks while hiking is the key to successful hiking adventure.

3. Prepare games

When kids get tired while walking, it is best to divert their attention and start playing games. The game “Name that Tune” is a good example.

4. Encourage kid friendly activities

Catching butterflies with a net or wildlife viewing are  some activities kids will enjoy in the middle of a hiking adventure. Pack binoculars and note the best viewing time (dawn or dusk) to see animals in the wild.
kids playing in the outdoor

5. Be patient

Manage your expectations and pack a lot of patience. Hiking with kids will take twice as long as you thought it would. It is important to know that you don’t need to hurry, slow down and go along with your kid’s pace.


family hiking
Hiking is an activity that connects kids to nature. Go out on an  amazing hike, enjoy nature, and have a geat time with your kids.


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