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I Can’t Believe What He Did to This Tin Can. I Definitely Want to Try This.

Last updated on May 31st, 2016 at 12:17 am

Who would have thought that a tin can you’re about to throw in the garbage could become a reliable
camping equipment? Yes, it is possible. By sheer creativity and a few tips and tricks, you can create your
very own wood gas stove from a tin can.

Tin Can Stove

Here are the steps to making this tin can gas stove:

* Prepare two tin cans – one small and one slightly larger.
* Remove the top of the large can and empty its contents; clean it. Remove the can label.
* Get the smaller can and invert both cans. Place the small can on top and in the center. Mark its
* Punch a hole in the center of the large can, and remove the bottom section. Smooth down the edge
with a file.
* Use a small bit to drill pilot holes around the top perimeter of the can.
* Drill another row of holes above and between the first row. Enlarge the holes with a 3/8‐inch bit.
* Now take the smaller can. Use a 3/16‐inch drill bit and drill a series of holes in its bottom.
* Drill another set of alternating pilot holes along the bottom. Enlarge the holes with a 3/8‐inch bit.
* Now using a 3/16‐inch drill bit, drill a single row of holes evenly spaced around the top rim.
* Take the two cans and fit them together, and you’re done.
* Test it to be sure it’s working properly.

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