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If You Haven’t Found the Right Camp Bedding, You’d Better Check This Out.

Last updated on May 30th, 2016 at 11:29 pm

When you’re out camping in the outdoors, it is important that your campsite and sleeping area is as
comfortable as possible. Something you can call a home away from home. In order to achieve this, a
really comfortable sleeping bag or bed is the key.

There is a wide range of camp bedding available that would suit your situation, the place where you are
camping, how long you’ll be camping, and how many people are in your camping group.

You can start with something that is as simple and inexpensive as an airbed. They pack up nice and
small, and they don’t take up a lot of room. You would, however, need an air pump to inflate the bed.

Camp beddingPhoto by Chris_Parfitt

If you are walking or canoeing to your campsite, you may want to choose an air mattress. It is
lightweight and compact. It does not require an air pump because it has foam built inside the mat. You
can just roll it up nice and tight and you’re done packing. You can just roll it out after you set up camp.

You may also choose the traditional 4WD mats which are self‐inflating, thick and comfortable. They
don’t pack as compact but they’re extremely uncomfortable.

Foam mattresses can also keep you nice and comfortable. A lot of them can now be folded in half or in
three. You also do not have to worry about inflating them.

If there are several of you in the camp tent, camp bunk beds are a good option. It helps you make the
most of the sleeping space. Some bunk beds are also designed so that they can be separated to become
two beds.

Stretchers are also one of the most popular sleeping options these days next to air beds. It has a lot of
room underneath for storing your things.

Camping cots are also good because they are a combination of air beds and a stretcher, and which gets
you off the ground, especially in cold weather.

Indeed, there are lots of options for camp bedding. You just need to know exactly what you need for
your camping.

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