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I Can’t Believe What This Chuck Box Can Store! When I Saw It, My Eyes Popped!

Last updated on May 31st, 2016 at 12:19 am

A Chuck Box, also called a ‘grub box’, is your best friend when camping. It allows you to store all your
cooking essentials in one handy box that could serve a lot of purpose.

It should be made of water proof plywood, and built in a size that could easily be placed in the trunk of a
car. It could be the same size as a small cooler.

Camping Chuck Box

A Chuck Box could contain your stove and propane gas, lantern, pots, silverware and cooking utensils,
plates, ingredients, and a lot more.
You can buy a ready‐made chuck box or build one according to your camping needs. Truly, it’s a place to
keep everything.

When designing your chuck box, make sure you get the exact measurement of the equipment you’ll be
putting in it like a stove because you would want to keep it sitting snugly inside the box. Get a good feel
and view of how everything would fit.

Find out more about this awesome camping equipment in this video:

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