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I Almost Forgot 1 or 2 Essential Items Listed Here! Watch and Learn!

Last updated on May 31st, 2016 at 12:32 am

A successful camping or backpacking trip means going prepared. Before you go on a hike or backpacking
trip, ensure you plan and prepare the proper equipment, maps, knowledge, and the required permit.
Here are great tips to ensure a hassle‐free trip:

* Always carry extra water, food, matches or lighter, and foul weather gear.
*Technology is also a helpful tool to make the experience comfortable, however, cell phones or GPS may
not work in some areas.
* Always make sure someone knows your plans – when you are due back and who to call when you are
overdue. Search and rescue can take several days. It is also expensive and you may be charged for it.
* Bring proper clothes, food and gear. Proper clothing usually means polypro, fleece and wool – cloth
that will stay warm when you get wet. Cotton is a bad idea. Also stay away from denims and jeans,
especially when it’s raining.

10 essentials for camping and backpacking

In summer months, many shoes may work in trails, but in the winter, waterproof footwear will keep you
a lot warmer.

* Remember to bring these 10 essential items as well:
‐ whistle
‐ waterproof matches
‐ map
‐ knife
‐ compass
‐ first‐aid kit
‐ sun protection, lip balm, sunscreen
‐ hat, extra clothing, socks and gloves
‐ flashlight with extras bulb and batteries
‐ extra food, water and energy bar

Watch the video to learn more important tips and tricks.

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