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Camping Hacks, Tips, & Tricks to Make Your Camping Easier

A couple of serious and brilliant camping hacks make life easier especially in the outdoors. First-time campers, backpackers, and veteran campers all need practical camping tips to get the most out of their camping adventure.

Here are some camping tips and tricks you probably don’t know that will come handy and useful in your next camping trip.

1.  Make Fire with Lemon

image via Fab Art DIY

Have you ever thought that a single piece of lemon could be one useful fruit in your outdoor adventure. Here’s how.

2. Dried Sage to help keep mosquitoes away.

image via The Homespun Hydrangea

Dried sage is an effective insect repellant. Include some in your camping checklist to keep bugs and mosquitoes away. Read more here.

3. Make your own sprouts.

image via Greenmoxie

Some mason jars, lentils and water are all you need to make your own super fresh sprouts in 48 hrs. Learn more here.

4. Use straw to save space on storage.

Quick Camping Tricks

Store your salt, pepper and other spices in a piece of straw. Learn more here.

5. Start a fire with a bag of Doritos

Camping Hacks

Your favorite  crunchy snack  is flamable  and can serve as a fire kindling material during your camping trip. Read more about here.

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