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We Love Camping And These Ideas Are Simply Genius! #7 By Far Is My Favorite, So Simple!

Last updated on May 31st, 2016 at 01:13 am

During summer time, it simply means it is the height of the camping season for most of us. So, before
heading out camping, here are 7 Camping Hacks that are borderline genius, very useful and helpful for
camping. This can be used for car camping or family camping for the most part and they are also
applicable for backpacking or other applicable pursuits.

Camping Hacks

1. Need fire kindling material? Try a bag of Doritos. This popular crunchy snack is flammable and it will
help keep your fire going strong.

2. Looking for a small container to hold your spices and other seasonings? Why not use your old tic tac
container to hold it? It can also be used as a mini tackle box as well.

3. Forgot to bring your spoon? No worries! You can make a spoon from a plastic bottle of Coca Cola and
cut out a dotted line from the center down to the bottom and voila! You have your own customized

4. Always remember to keep your toiletries on a lanyard for easy access when you’re showering.

5. Make cinnamon rolls on a campfire by taking an orange, cut it in half, put a roll in and cook it over the
fire. Enjoy! (don’t forget to put the icing on the top!).

6. How about using Oreos to make s’mores? Tastes deliciously good, right?

7. And last but definitely not the least of the practically genius camping hacks is using a lantern by
pointing a head lamp into a gallon of water. You can also use the light or the flashlight app on the phone
as your lamp!

Have fun and get ready for an adventure tripping with nature. So, why don’t you grab your family and
friends today and get ready for camping this summer!

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