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I Didn’t Know Making Fire is This Easy. When I Saw How, I’m Amazed!

Last updated on May 31st, 2016 at 12:29 am

You’re camping out of nowhere and when you’re about to start a fire, you remembered that you no
longer have matches and your lighter has given up on you. Worst camping day ever! Don’t fret. Here’s a
quick solution to making fire.

Search your stuff and look for a battery and a steel wool or Brillo pad. Batteries could be in your
flashlights, MP3 players, etc. and a Brillo pad is the one you use to clean your pots and pans. A nine‐volt
battery or size D, C or AA batteries would work fine.

How to make fire without matches or lighter

Place the steel wool on the ground or you could also hold it. Rub the battery on the steel wool and blow
on it. This is a very helpful and useful way of starting a camp fire. Just remember not to hold the wool
and the battery in one hand or you’ll get burned.

Once you’ve ignited the fire, you can put dry sticks or dry leaves in the wool to keep it burning. Here’s a
detailed video of this helpful tip.

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