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These Camping Tricks Are Truly Amazing! Trick #3 is Unbelievable!

Last updated on May 30th, 2016 at 11:41 pm

When camping or backpacking, packing your stuff efficiently is the ultimate goal. You wouldn’t want to
be carrying backpacks that would put a strain on your back.

To reduce mass or volume in your camping bag, here are five great tips you need to follow:

A shotgun shell has other uses. You can store matchsticks and a spare striker in it. You need to crimp the
top portion to prevent the matchsticks from sticking out. It holds the matches inside pretty well.

Quick Camping Tricks
Quick Camping Tricks


Carve your own spoon. This way, it’s lightweight compared to silver spoons and forks.

Store your salt, pepper and other spices in a piece of straw.

Use your cooking pot to store coffee, sugar, vitamins, small knife, etc.

Use sturdy and slim alcohol bottles to store cooking oil.

Learn more of these unbelievable camping tricks through this video:

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