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Top 5 Camping Sleeping Bags – A Comparative Review

Choosing the right camping gear will determine the success and satisfaction from exploring the outdoors.

Getting a good sleeping bag that will guarantee comfort is no exception.

Just like choosing a backpack, a tent, and other outdoor camping gear, you will benefit from using our standard criteria and specifications for finding the best sleeping bag available that fits your needs.

Every person has different personal requirements. Height and body mass, for example, can greatly affect a person’s preferences, and with the wide range of choices in the market, it’s overwhelming making the right choice.

To save time and help you narrow down your choices, may suit your requirements. These sleeping bags are top-rated with good online reviews, come from the best manufacturers around, and reasonably priced.

Each sleeping bag will be evaluated according to our set criteria which are:
Comfort, Material Quality and Workmanship, Key Features, Key Advantages and Disadvantages and Price


Comfort – The main purpose of your sleeping bag is to provide comfort and warmth. A sleeping bag should withstand the changing temperatures. Stay comfortable even when damp.Another consideration to keep in mind is your sleeping bag’s weight. It contributes to the load you will be carrying especially if you are on a backpacking trip.

Material Quality and Workmanship – This criterion refers to how well your sleeping bag was made. The quality of the material used will guarantee the overall quality of the final product. Its durability will highly depend on the material used and the workmanship (e.g. tight seams, fine and snug stitches, etc.) These criteria will determine your sleeping bag’s durability against wear and tear.

Key Features – Each product has its own key features which set it apart from other products. For sleeping bags, the most common features are temperature ratings, insulation types, lining material, zip features, inside/outside pockets, and more. The more features a product has, the better it is. However, you need to be careful of features that entice you to buy but are not necessary.

Key Advantages and Disadvantages – Products have their unique advantages or strengths and disadvantages or weaknesses. You need to look closely at each one as they can lead you to make a wise or unwise purchasing decision. Each item in this article has been evaluated based on these criteria to help you decide on the right one to buy.

Price – Sleeping bags have different prices. The quality of the material used in the product usually determines its price, but not all costly products are high quality. Likewise, affordable products don’t mean they are less durable. When considering the price of a sleeping bag, determine if the cost is justifiable by what it offers.

Making it to our List are the following Sleeping Bags:

  • High Peak USA Alpinizmo Mt. Rainier -20 Sleeping Bag
  • Thermodown 15 Degree Down Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag
  • Coleman Exponent Klickitat X 20-Degree Mummy Bag
  • The North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag
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ColorOrangeBlue/RedEnsign Blue/Zinc GreyParadise Blue/TwilightWhite/Grey
SeasonalityWinter Season3 Season Bag3 Seasons3 Seasons3 Seasons
Temperature Rating -20F15°F20°F20°F20°F
Package Dimension11 x 12.1 x 12.5 inches10.15 x 11.85 x 18.85 inches8.5 inches x 14 inches8 x 13 x 8 inches8.8 x 9.5 x 12 inches
Weight3 lbs 8oz2 lb 14 oz.3 lbs2.8 lbs2.69 lbs
Shell MaterialRipstop Nylon Taffeta Identified as Amphibeia 3000Light and Durable 20D Ripstop NylonFirestorm" -- 57% Polyester, 43% Nylon50D Down-proof Polyester Ripstop100% Nylon with Fill 100% Nylon
InsulationInvista Thermo Lite Quall 600-Fill Power DownHeatseeker ProWater-Resistant 600 Fill Power DriDownTM InsulationClimashield XP Insulation
Liner MaterialInvista Tactile NylonBreathable 320T Polyester Pongee50D Polyester Taffeta
Fill MaterialSyntheticDownSyntheticDownSynthetic

  • Double layer construction

  • Taped seams

  • No.5 YKK anti-snag zipper

  • sew-in Draft Tube and chest collar

  • Hood with drawstring closure and barrel lock

  • Two bags can be zipped together

  • YKK two-way zipper

  • Wide Zipper guards

  • Draft collar without drawstrings or velcro

  • Trapezoidal foot box with extra insulation

  • Glow-in-the-dark zip pull

  • Chest-level watch pocket

  • Reinforced Velcro® flap at the head-level zip

  • Offset quilted bottom

  • Shaped hood

  • Soft and breathable silken lining

  • Thermal comfort hood and top draft collar

  • 60 inch dual-slider

  • Locking zipper

  • FatMan and RibbonTM drawcords

  • Natural fit footbox

  • Shingle construction

  • Ground-level side seams

  • Full-length insulated draft tubes

  • Insulated chest baffles and insulated zipper gusset

  • Fully-sculpted hood

  • Trapezoidal foot section

AccessoriesCompression Sack Compression SackCompression Sack and Storage Sack Stuff SackFour-way Compression Stuff Sack
Ideal For Cold Weather Camping, Snowboarding adventure or stargazing, small treks, backcountry hikingBackcountry Camping and BackpackingMountaineering and Backpacking in Moist ConditionsBudget Backpacking and CampingCamping & Hiking
FeedbackWaterproof and BreathableLightweight, DurableClassic and Versatile Affordable Lightweight and Warm

High Peak USA Alpinizmo Mt. Rainier -20 Sleeping Bag


This sleeping bag is well-applauded for its warmth despite being used in below zero temperatures. The bag’s hood and neck stop the heat from escaping and the bag is very comfortable due to its thick and padded insulation. It will keep you warm throughout the cold night even when you are wearing only a t-shirt or pajamas. If you are going on a snowboarding adventure or stargazing on a cold night, this sleeping bag is a great choice.
With a packing weight of 5 pounds, this sleeping bag is ideal for small treks. As for whether it is heavy or light to pack, it varies from one person to another. It comes with a compression sack, too, so you can carry it separately from your other things if you wish. The compression sack also reduces the bag’s packing size.

Material Quality and Workmanship

The High Peak USA Alpinizmo Mt. Rainier -20 Sleeping Bag is made of “Invista thermolite quallo” insulation, thus making it quite comfortable and warm even in very cold temperatures. Its Invista tactel nylon lining makes it windproof and waterproof but at the same time breathable. The body moisture can escape the bag because of this type of material.
This sleeping bag has taped seams making it efficiently waterproof. The shell is made with ripstop nylon taffeta known as Amphibia 3000 combined with double layer construction to guarantee your warmth and comfort even in temperatures below 20 degrees.
Zipper: This bag makes use of the No.5 YKK anti-snag zipper that gets rid of the pesky problem most consumers have with sleeping bag zippers.

Key Features

The High Peak USA Alpinizmo Mt. Rainier -20 Sleeping Bag has a temperature rating of 20 degrees which means that you will be warm and toasty when your surrounding’s temperature is within 20 degrees. However, this sleeping bag has been used in temperatures below zero degrees and the users claimed that they stayed warm all night. If you go on a backcountry hike, this sleeping bag will be your best option.

It makes use of Invista thermolite quallo synthetic type of insulation which is very comfortable even when damp. This contributes to a good packing weight, too.

high-peak-mt-ranier sleeping bag

The Mt. Rainier sleeping bag has a sew-in draft tube and chest collar which are both commonly found in sleeping bags rated 0°F. This makes this bag comfortable even in conditions under 20°F. If you are going on an outdoor adventure but quite unsure of your destination’s temperature, the Mt. Rainier is a good choice to carry with you. It is also a good idea to take it on a below zero outdoor adventure if you don’t get cold easily.

It also comes with a hood with a drawstring closure and barrel lock. A hood is always a great addition to a sleeping bag. It limits the cold air from getting inside the bag and likewise traps the warm air in. There is no need to wear a cap or bonnet to keep your head warm when your sleeping bag comes with a hood. A barrel lock ensures that the drawstring closure doesn’t come undone throughout the night.

Two Mt. Rainier bags can be zipped together and be made into a 2-person sleeping bag which is ideal for couples or if you’d like a roomier bag for camping or caravanning.

Have you ever used a sleeping bag that keeps on snagging at the zipper? Don’t worry anymore. The Mt. Rainier sleeping bag makes use of a new zipper technology, the No.5 YKK anti snag zipper getting rid of this annoying issue. You also have the option to get a bag with a right-side zipper or left-side zipper according to your preferences.
Tip: If you are right handed, get a bag with its zipper on the left side to easily open or close it.It also comes with internal pockets for your valuables like phones and keys. This is a mummy-shaped sleeping bag.


  • The High Peak USA Alpinizmo Mt. Rainier -20 Sleeping Bag is ideal for cold weather camping. It can keep you warm even in below zero temperatures.
  • Makes use of high quality materials – thermal, waterproof and breathable at the same time
  • Highly padded and insulated
  • With secured hood to protect against wind and draft
  • No-snag zippers, double zipped
  • Comes with compression bag


  • Packing size is not ideal for long trips.


The High Peak USA Alpinizmo Mt. Rainier -20 Sleeping Bag is reasonably priced. It is worth every dollar considering its features and its many customer good reviews. Check the latest price here

Thermodown 15 Degree Down Mummy Sleeping Bag


This three season (spring/summer/fall) sleeping bag is designed for outdoor camping and backpacking. With a temperature rating of 15 Degrees Fahrenheit/-10C, the Thermodown 15 Degree Down Mummy Sleeping Bag is a bag that will keep you warm and comfortable no matter what the weather is.
The bag is 80 inches in length and will comfortably fit adults up to 6’1”.
To keep your toes warm, take advantage of the roomy trapezoidal foot box which comes with extra insulation.

Material Quality and Workmanship

The Thermodown 15 Degree Down Mummy Sleeping Bag is made with excellent materials. The shell material is made of light and durable 20D ripstop nylon, while the inner lining is made of breathable 320T polyester pongee. The 28 oz. of 600-fill power down insulation inner filling of this bag makes the insulation superior. However, additional warmth does not compromise its size and weight as this bag packs down to just 11 x 8 inches. It is also lightweight and weighs in at only 2 lb 14 oz.

Key Features

  • This sleeping bag comes with a compression sack that lets you easily fit the bag into the pack. The included mesh storage bag can also be used to store it properly.
  • It comes with an easy to use draft collar without drawstrings or Velcro that automatically wraps around your neck to keep the heat in.
  • There is also a large two-way YKK brand zipper that opens from top to bottom which easily sheds heat, which is perfect during warm nights.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comes with a compression sack


  • Bulky


The Thermodown 15 Degree Down Mummy Sleeping Bag is also reasonably priced. Overall, this is a good sleeping bag that offers excellent materials and performance. Check the latest price here.

Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag


The Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag has been modified for 2016. It is insulated with water-resistant DriDown™ that features exceptional warmth, higher performance and resistance to moisture making it a great 3 season bag for backpacking and camping.
In addition to the modified fabric and materials, the Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag has new colors and a new style to choose from. This bag provides plenty of warmth at low to mid elevations, especially during summer.

Material Quality and Workmanship

The shell material is made of 50D Polyester Ripstop while the liner material is made from 50D Polyester Taffeta which feels great on the skin. The Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is insulated with water-resistant 600 fill power DriDown™. It offers higher performance in terms of moisture defense and quick drying.


Key Features

  • This sleeping bag has a thermal comfort hood with draw cords of different widths at the head and neck. This makes it easy to identify and makes it adjustable at night or when in the dark.
  • The Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag has a dual-slider, locking zipper with anti snag design.
  • It also has a draft tube to retain the heat. Also included is a full draft collar that drapes over the neck and shoulders to seal out any draft.
  • Another cool feature is the natural fit foot box that provides enough space to relax your feet and stay warm.


  • Affordable, great value sleeping bag
  • Water-resistant finish
  • Down insulation resists moisture, dries fast and maintains loft
  • Great features like a thermal comfort hood and top draft collar
  • Exceptional loft and compresses down to a small size
  • Versatile to use in 3 seasons
  • Comes with a carry on sack


  • Not as warm as other down bags
  • Roomy cut
  • The included large hood is not shaped well around the head and shoulders.


For budget backpackers, this is a good entry level sleeping bag that doesn’t compromise quality. Check the latest price here.

Coleman Exponent Klickitat X 20-Degree Mummy Bag




With a size of 84″ x 31″, the Coleman Exponent Klickitat X 20-Degree Mummy Bag is lightweight and packing friendly. It keeps you comfortable at temperatures as low as 20-degrees F. It provides superior warmth and comfort even in wet conditions. This 3 season sleeping bag is lightweight and warm making it the perfect choice for camping and hiking.

Material Quality and Workmanship

The Coleman Exponent Klickitat X 20-Degree Mummy Bag has an insulation called Climashield XP that outperforms other types of synthetic fill. The Climashield XP, a new synthetic insulation, is very durable and has surprising warmth-to-loft. This fill has the ability to trap body heat without trapping moisture and it also dries quickly. The fibers are compact and can regain loft easily.
The outer shell of this sleeping bag features a nylon ripstop that can resist wind and water. To inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, nylon taffeta liners were subjected to treatment.

Key Features

  • Shingle construction
  • Ground-level side seams
  • Full-length insulated draft tubes
  • Insulated chest baffles
  • Insulated zipper gussets keep warm air in and cold air out
  • Fat, heat-trapping draft collar
  • Fully-sculpted hood with two cinch cords for easy hood adjustment: one for adjusting the top of the hood, and another for adjusting the bottom
  • The two cinch cords are colored and shaped differently making it easily adjustable even in the dark.
  • Angled trapezoidal foot section for comfort


  • Comes with a four-way compression stuff sack
  • Designed to be lightweight and warm, keeping warm air in and cold air out.
  • The bag’s liner is treated with an antimicrobial agent.
  • Machine washable


  • The draft tube could use a touch more fill.


Check the latest price here.


The North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag



The North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag is a solid, synthetic, 3 season bag for mountaineering and backpacking.
The bag a has soft and breathable silky lining that makes it very comfortable. This bag is quite roomy with lots of space to move around.
The key features of this bag are designed to trap heat and keep the user warm in winter, fall or spring seasons.

Material Quality and Workmanship

This 20 degree sleeping bag performs well in wet and moist conditions and keeps you warm throughout the night. The North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag is insulated with high-performance Heatseeker Pro and a continuous filament that provides maximum thermal performance.

Key Features

  • Overlapping shingle construction
  • Tough multi-layer synthetic fabric
  • Pad loops for attaching the sleeping bag to a sleeping pad
  • Draft collar to prevent heat loss
  • Shaped hood snuggles around your face for more warmth and comfort
  • Comes with a compression sack and storage sack
  • Zippered pouch at chest level for storage of important small items
  • Snag resistant zipper
  • Glow in the dark zipper pull
  • Offset quilted bottom reduces cold spots

north-face-cats-meow compression bag


  • Fairly lightweight and versatile sleeping bag
  • Comes with a large storage bag and compression sack
  • Roomy
  • Very soft and the material is very comfortable
  • Fairly compact for 20°
  • Stuffs to a very small size
  • Fits comfortably in a standard size backpack for maximum transportability


  • Some zippers get stuck on the sleeping bag.
  • Compression bag comes in an odd shape (triangle)


The Cat’s Meow is a mummy-style sleeping bag which is compressible and offers great performance and comfort perfect for mountaineering and backpacking activities. Check the latest price here.


If you are looking for the most classic and versatile sleeping bag, you will find that The North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag is well worth the money. This sleeping bag offers top notch performance, comfort and portability. The Cat’s Meow is widely appreciated by users for its consistent sturdiness and longevity.
All in all, the Cat Meow is a satisfactory bag for its cost and is among one of the best sleeping bags available.


The Kelty Cosmic Down 20 wins our Best Bag for the Money Award. At its price, you cannot find any other sleeping bag that offers the warmth, weight and packing features that the Kelty Cosmic 20 does.
If you are a novice or a budget backpacker, the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 is the best sleeping bag for you. Its affordability, insulation material and overall simple design all make this bag a good choice as the best budget conscious backpacking sleeping bag.


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