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Amazing Glacier National Park… You’ve Got to See These Unbelievable Natural Formations

Last updated on August 18th, 2016 at 03:04 pm

Lakes in Glacier National Park can hold icebergs year round. Unbelievable but true! It is just one of the many beautiful views you can find in Glacier National Park.

More than 70 million years ago, crashing tectonic plates pushed these mountains up.During the last Ice Age, giant glaciers carved out new valleys and formations as they passed.

Glacier National Park scenic view

Interesting Facts

    • It’s called Glacier National Park both for the 25 glaciers that remain and for the glaciers that sculpted this landscape millions of years ago.
    • Glacier National Park lies south of the Canada‐United States border and covers over 1 million acres (4,000 sq km).
    • Numerous waterfalls that were created by melting snow and ice can also be found here.
    • Glacier National Park is also home to 130 lakes, all of which have been named, and more than 1,000 various plant and animal species.


In 1885, an American naturalist named George Bird Grinnell visited Montana and fell in love with its glaciers. He decided that he would work to preserve the area as a national park so that mining tycoons would not ruin its natural beauty.

Grinnell worked tirelessly for years and finally, in 1910, President William Howard Taft signed a bill creating Glacier National Park.

Another American, railroad tycoon Louis Hill, succeeded in finding a way to cash in on this epic landscape by tapping another great resource – tourism. On or about 1915, Americans were spending hundreds of millions of dollars for vacations in Europe. Hill wanted to bring them to Montana instead onboard his great northern railway.

The railway helped promote Glacier National Park by calling it America’s Switzerland and with billboards that read “See America first.” Visitors were treated to comfortable Swiss‐like lodgings. Many of the hotels were named after the park’s’ many glaciers and promised Americans a full Swiss experience.


Stay in a chalet

For tourists looking for a truly rustic experience, there are chalets in the park. These backcountry chalets can be reached by hiking over six miles or on horseback.
Glacier national park cabin

Take a scenic drive

Tourists can also take a scenic drive on the Going‐to‐the‐Sun Road. Bear in mind that Going-To-The-Sun Road is restricted to vehicles less than 21 feet long.
glacier-national-park-scenic drive

Ride a helicopter or a boat cruise

A boat cruise and helicopter ride to see the beautiful sites of Glacier National Park are also available.
glacier national park boat cruise

Visit the famous Ahorn

Among the spots to visit is the famous rocky pinnacle called Ahorn which was created by two glaciers that slid alongside a single mountain thus sculpting it and became a spectacular peak.

Find the six dramatic peaks

Glacier National Park is home to six dramatic, awe‐inspiring peaks over 10,000 feet, all of which are covered with glaciers. These peaks are Cleveland, Kintla, Stimson, Siyeh, Merritt, and Jackson.
mountain peaks Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park provides extraordinary camping experiences. Camping under the stars and surrounded by breathtaking beauty, one can say that Glacier camping is the best!

glacier national park campground

List of the things to be considered when preparing for a camping trip


Pick a campground that would best suit your vacation plans. Currently, the park has 13 different campgrounds and approximately 1,009 campsites to choose from. All campgrounds in Glacier National Park are open but most of these are on a first-come first-served basis except for Fish Creek, St. Mary, some of Many Glacier, and half of the group sites in Apgar. Campground sites can be also be reserved online.For more information on camping fees, amenities, location and other useful information, please check here.


Weather in Glacier National Park is highly variable and always unpredictable especially in the mountains. It is best to check the weather forecast and the temperature averages for added information.
glacier national park weather


Cell phone and internet connectivity in Glacier National Park is very limited because the park is in a remote location with forests and mountains.For more information on cell and wifi connectivity check here.
glacier national park cell service

Dining opportunities

Sunflower Cafe is located within the Glacier campground. A dining experience in the open-air pavilion at the campground’s restaurant is something that you would not want to miss. The cafe offers a wide variety of dishes, and is open not just for campers but to park visitors as well.
Call in to-go orders, 406-233-9583


Pets are only allowed in developed areas, front country campsites and picnic areas, along roads open to motor vehicles, and in vessels on lakes where motorized watercraft are permitted. Pets must be caged at all times, under physical pets restraint or on a leash no longer than six feet (1.8m). Pets are not to be left tied to an object unattended.
glacier national park pets

Park Rules and Regulations

      • Camping is permitted only in designated campgrounds.
      • Fires are permitted only within fireplaces provided with your campsite. Fires may at any time be prohibited by the U.S. Forest Service.
      • Campsite capacity is limited to eight people and two vehicles, where space is available. A maximum of two tents per site is permitted.
      • Please keep your campsite clean. Do not leave trash and debris behind for the next visitor. Occupy only the site for which you are registered.
      • Please keep trash inside your RV or vehicle at night. Place garbage in plastic bags in front of your site for morning pick up. DO NOT LEAVE FOOD in your tent, on picnic tables or on the ground at night.
      • Sites may not be left unattended for over 24 hours.
      • Quiet time is from 10pm until 7am. Do not operate generators at any time.
      • Check out time is 12:00 noon. If staying another night re-register by 11:30 am.

Learn more about Glacier National Park in the video below.


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